Raising Dough: Girls on the Run, September 2015

We’re excited to get movin’ this month by featuring Girls on the Run as our September Raising Dough organization.  Each month our Raising Dough Campaign brings a collaborative, neighborhood approach to raising a little money and awareness for a great, locally represented organization.  Our friends and neighbors drop their change in our donation box, we match the donations, and we plan a group volunteer event (whenever possible) so that we can experience the organization beyond handing over a check.

Girls on the Run is focused on inspiring adolescent girls to live a ‘joyful, healthy, and confident’ life.  It’s about living without boundaries and going after dreams.  Running plays a big role in teaching these life skills.


Let’s Raise Dough for this wonderful cause – even pennies count in our donation box!  If you’d like to get involved in a bigger way, here’s a blog post about how one person did just that.  Start running!!!


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