Hi.  I’m Emily Day.  Four years ago I decided to embark on a sweet life journey, and I opened my own bakery, Flour & Co, in lower Nob Hill of San Francisco.  Baking, bakeries, and eating baked goods have a way with me, and I had to share that with my neighborhood.

I’m not fancy.  Give me a delicious blueberry muffin or chocolate chip cookie and I haven’t a problem in my world.  The problem is that it’s hard to find a really good muffin or cookie – even in San Francisco.  So, my mission was to bring a modern twist to classic American baked goods using organic, all natural, and seasonal ingredients.  Plus, create a place where folks could come together, have a conversation, read a book, people-watch, or just EAT baked goods…all while being greeted by name.  And, I wanted to accomplish this while doing our part to help the community around us.

Fast forward four years (2017) and I can say mission accomplished.  I’m proud of Flour & Co and everything that it stands for.  We made a mark on our little SF neighborhood.  I met so many wonderful people.  I learned so many invaluable lessons.  I ate so many baked goods (and miss them dearly).  It was a good four years…really good.  And so difficult.

Yep, owning a restaurant is some of the hardest work out there.  I like hard work, but making my business successful came at a cost to everything else.  When your alarm goes off at 4am (on the good days), 7 days per week, and your doors have to open, personal freedom is a scarcity.  With a husband and two babies thrown in the mix (not to mention anything about alone time), having a life outside of the bakery was impossible.  And, I increasingly started to weigh the pros and cons associated with the imbalance.  My family won.  I just couldn’t bare missing another day.

So, here I am.  Former brick and mortar bakery owner.  Former workaholic.  Former absentee parent and spouse.

But, Flour & Co lives on.  With a shift and a turn, it still stands for the same things.  Who knows what may come out of it as time goes on.  For now it’s a baking lifestyle blog with a leaning towards the business side of things.  Luckily, life is not all business anymore. Welcome to my new world.