Bring Flour & Co to your office for the holidays!

Happy fall!  With September upon us, it’s time to plan company holiday parties and order employee gifts.

We can help by putting together a quote for a catered event, or perhaps designing a special something for your employees as a token of your appreciation:

  • a holiday cookie decorating party at your office – with all of the fixings
  • a personalized Flour & Co gift basket filled with goodies
  • a Flour & Co Growler filled with Stumptown Cold Brew
  • holiday pies delivered to your office
  • personalized baking classes in our Berkeley kitchen or brought to your office

Flour & Co goodies + [insert your company] + holidays = yummy festive fun!

Happy planning!  Contact us:, 415-952-8160

~ Flour & Co Catering

The Bakery Life: Breaking Ground on Flour & Co Berkeley

Lookie here…now doesn’t this look like a little old permit for which we’ve been waiting months!?!?permit

I (and probably you too) was starting to wonder if these coming soon signs would ever come down.

Coming soon...
Coming soon…

Wonder no more.  The ground has been broken!  But first…some pictures of the kitchen empty (after lots of sorting, moving, and trashing).  Phew!

Clearing the space out for construction
Ryan clearing the space out for construction

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2

And the retail area with lots of stuff (but not for long!)…

stuff stuff2

Check out this progress!  Impressive for only a couple weeks.  Eeek!  This is moving quickly!  Exciting and terrifying!  So much to do.

photo 3photo 2photo 1photo 4photo 5

What’s next??  Well, with an early fall opening date, we’re diving into the project with details like ordering lights and tile to planning the logistics of baking in this kitchen.  Opposite ends of the spectrum, really.  Stay tuned for more on the play by play.

I’ll leave you with the cutest picture of them all.  Andy, helping us with the floor plans.

Andy approves

We can’t wait to meet you all in the fall!  Oh – and we really can’t wait to share all of our baked goodies…warm and gooey out of the oven!

~ Emily


The Bakery Life: Mother’s Day and Movemeant (Raising Dough) at Flour & Co

Remember celebrating May Day when you were a kid?  My sister and I would put together little care packages of flowers and goodies for our neighbors.  We’d hang them on their front door knob, ring the door bell, and run like heck so they wouldn’t see us.  What fun!  Call it inspiration for some grown up fun tomorrow.  Pack up a goodie box and/or flowers and drop it on your coworker or teacher’s desk when they aren’t looking.  Make sure to accompany it with “happy May Day!”


May also equals Mother’s Day!  Moms are deserving of some special treatment on May 10th (well, every day really), and we’re here to help with the sweets portion.  Here’s what we’ve got planned for the weekend:

~ Cherry Pie

~ Peach Blackberry Crostata

~ Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Crostata

~ Triple Chocolate Caramel Brownies (heart shaped)

~ Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

~ Heart Shortbread Cookies (in cute packages)

Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Crostata
Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Crostata


Tcho Chocolate Mini Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Tcho Chocolate Mini Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

While we will have treats available for walk-ins, be sure to get Mom the treat of her choice by reserving ahead of time.  We’re taking orders now for pick up on Mother’s Day (or whenever you are celebrating with her).  Call (415-992-7620), email ( or stop in to place an order.

Our Raising Dough organization for May is Movemeant, an organization addressing our society’s issue with negative body image.  Besides dropping change in our donation box throughout the month, you can also get involved in their upcoming Dare to Bare festival on May 16th at the Marina Green from 11am to 4pm.  What a great way to get moving towards a positive body image!

One pager movemeantLastly, a quick update on our new Berkeley Bakery.  We’re still working on getting building permits from the City of Berkeley.  It’s a process that always takes time and time…and more time.  We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll have them in June!  Then the fun really begins.  More soon…

With love,

~ Emily and the Flour & Co Team

The Bakery Life: Christmas 2014 at Flour & Co

Hopefully, you’re getting into the spirit of the season because it’s only one and a half weeks to Christmas (sorry to break the news if you are feeling behind!).  Who’s ready with bells on!!?? Luckily, we’re feeling ready in the dessert department, so let us help check something off your list.

Here’s what we’re baking the for the holiday:

The lineup

If you want to leave dessert to us, we highly suggest that you pre-order your goodies for pick up the two days before Christmas.  The earlier the better!  While we plan to have desserts on hand these two days for last minute grabs, they may go quickly.

To pre-order, simply stop by, call, or email ( your order by December 21st.  Note: If you leave a message or send an email to place an order, your order will not be complete until you hear back from us, and we take your credit card information.  Another note: These desserts will be available all month long for special order.  We just need 24 hour notice.

Eggnog Pie
Eggnog Pie
Apple Crostata
brown sugar nut pie
Brown Sugar Chocolate Nut Pie
Gingerbread Cake
9-grain Dinner Rolls
9-grain Dinner Rolls

Here are a few other important details…

Corporate Pie Deliveries – we’re delivering pies to your company!  You just need to order 12 pies (as gifts or submit a bulk team order) and we’ll deliver for free on the 23rd and 24th.  It’s a great perk for the team and a little less running around for everyone.  Dessert for the family will be complete!

Holiday Gifts– we have a number of pretty holiday gift packs that are prefect for hostess gifts, corporate gifts, teacher treats, friends and family.   We can customize them too.  Just ask, reserve ahead, and we’ll have them ready for pick up at your convenience!

One of our gift packages for the holiday season...can be customized to you!
One of our gift packages for the holiday season…can be customized to you!

Don’t forget Santa’s Cookies!  We know how busy it gets as Christmas approaches, so let us prepare Santa’s cookies.  Only thing left for you to do: Arrange them on a pretty plate and place in Santa’s favorite spot.  The box will include 6 mini cookies: sugar cutout, chocolate peanut butter sandwich, and ginger molasses ($8.50).

December ‘Raising Dough’ – We’re collecting toys for the Raphael House this month.  Drop off your new, unwrapped toys for kids in our bin by December 23rd.  They especially love crafts, books, and teen appropriate gifts, but all toys are welcome.  We’ll drop them off before Christmas.  We’re also volunteering December 18th (making dinner for the families).  Let us know if you’d like to join by emailing Emily at

We’ll leave you with our bakery Christmas tree and a great big HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


The Bakery Life: Mother’s Day at Flour & Co

We are excited to celebrate Mom on Sunday, May 11.  We’ve got some extra special treats up our sleeves just for the occasion.  Our Sunday hours will be 6:30am to 6pm, so come by for brunch or to grab something special.  Pre-order treats by Friday…for a sure thing (we’ll bake some extras for you non-planners)!


Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!!  xoxo

The Bakery Life: Happy 1st Anniversary, Flour & Co!

April 8th, 2013 was opening day at Flour & Co.  Exactly ONE year ago today!  Yippeeeee!!  It’s like it was just yesterday, and an eternity all at the same time.  How fun to look back at our first year and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Here’s what we were up to last year at this time:

The students
training on the espresso bar
photo 3
The exterior ready for the reveal
photo 2
finishing interior touches being put on
photo 1
the kitchen still in boxes
Marty's hand in action
Marty’s Sign Co hand painting our wonderful flour’s friends characters
photo 1
Matt from Martin Sign Co putting on the finishing touches after the hand painting
At the end of a long day, full of progress
after our open house, prior to opening

What has opening year been like?  Well, it has been amazing and wonderful, with little glimpses of fatigue, minor pains, highs, lows, and tears.  They say that when you have a baby, your brain discards the memory of birthing pain, and all you are left with is this wonderful little being in your arms whom you love and cherish day in and day out.  There’s no doubt that Flour & Co is my baby and, for the most part, my memory saves me from the nitty gritty painful moments (they weren’t that bad!) that go along with any opening or new business.  All that I’m left with is a fantastic team whom I work beside each day, wonderful neighbors, a great neighborhood, new friends, a place that I (and I hope lots of other people) can call home, and, of course, a plethora of tasty goodies that I still enjoy (too much) each day.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the past year:

the donation box filling up for Larkin Street Youth Services
our raising dough campaign, a monthly community outreach
The team on a Saturday - having some fun
The team on a Saturday – having some fun
The summer blueberry cream cheese toasty tart
The summer blueberry cream cheese toasty tart
team volunteering at the Raphael House
team volunteering at the Raphael House
The smoked salmon (lox) pretzel sandwich
The smoked salmon (lox) pretzel sandwich
Lunch time!
Lunch time!
Some of the kitchen team
Some of the kitchen team
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
Spiced Pumpkin Cake, Thanksgiving
Spiced Pumpkin Cake, Thanksgiving
Holiday cookie decorating
Holiday cookie decorating
New year's hangover cure
New year’s hangover cure
Family House SF team volunteering
Family House SF team volunteering

It seems only appropriate to do a little celebrating on this first anniversary, and we invite you to celebrate with us.  This Friday, April 11th, we will toast our opening year with:

~ Raffles!  A handful of prizes will be up for grabs from Flour & Co pie, to your next birthday cake, to 2 Flour & Co mugs with a bag of Stumptown beans, and finally a week of coffee drinks (one per day) on us.  Drop in on Friday to add your name to the hat.  Winners will be chosen over the weekend.

~ a Birthday cake!  What’s a birthday/anniversary without cake?!?  We’ll cut into the cake at 2pm, so stop by for a slice while there’s some to share!

~ free Coffee!  Follow us on facebook and twitter and watch for our ‘come and get it’ post – a few times during the day.  When you see it, stop in for a drink on us (we’ll specify the time period that we’ll be treating).

What am I most thankful for??  My team for one.  I couldn’t do it without them!  We did some celebrating of our own this past week and enjoyed reminiscing about the year.  Second, our neighbors and neighborhood.  We wouldn’t be where we are without the support and welcoming arms of the community.  So, thank you to everyone who has made this year one to remember.  To many more…

Hope to see you on Friday!

~  Emily Day

Raising Dough: Flour & Co and St. Anthony’s San Francisco

During the month of March, our Raising Dough Initiative raised a total of 88 dollars to support Heifer International’s mission, to end hunger and poverty.  They provide the means and empower people to change their lives and their communities for the better.  This money could provide a family with the gift of geese, ducks, chickens and rabbits, providing the family with income from eggs, sustaining them with nourishment from protein, and enabling them to Pass on the Gift quickly to other community members once their animals have offspring.  Thank you for your support for this great cause!

In March, our team also had the opportunity to go to Family House (our February organization) to provide and share Family Dinner. Family House provides housing for families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and every Wednesday, their guests join together for a shared dinner. We made fresh guacamole, taco salad and a tres leches cake! It was wonderful working with Family House and to have the opportunity to join them for dinner.

IMG_6319 Photo Mar 12, 4 29 06 PM Photo Mar 12, 4 30 01 PM Photo Mar 12, 4 30 25 PM Photo Mar 12, 4 31 09 PM

In April, we will be accepting donations in our Raising Dough box for St. Anthony’s SF. In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Anthony Foundation’s mission is to feed, heal, shelter, clothe, and lift the spirits of those in need, and create communities where all people flourish.  They are committed to providing the poor of San Francisco with basic needs and services to assist them in reclaiming their sense of dignity and progressing toward stability. 15,000 people, including women and children, live on the street and in shelters, and thousands more use free food programs to stretch budgets that don’t quite cover food, clothing, medical expenses, and San Francisco rents. In San Francisco, alone, 12,000 families and individuals live in rooms without kitchens. St Anthony’s Dining Room serves 3,000 meals daily (and nearly a million hot, nutritious meals each year!), and every year, more people turn to St. Anthony’s for help. St Anthony’s assists many people in our community, including veterans, seniors, the working poor, homeless and low-income residents, recent immigrants, recent parolees, and the mentally and addictively ill. St. Anthony’s welcomes each guest with dignity and respect. 83% of their guests live alone, and the Dining Room is a place to share stories and smiles, a place where someone would notice if they did not show up.


st. anthony dr
St. Anthony’s Dining Room

In addition to their meal program, St. Anthony’s also runs:

  • A medical Clinic, providing care to 3,500 patients a year through services including Pediatrics, Chronic Disease Management, Mental Health Services, Urgent Care, and more.
  • San Francisco’s largest free clothing program.
  • A free technology center to bridge the digital divide and to look for technological solutions to issues of poverty.
  • A Social Work Center, with skilled professionals to advocate for clients in issues such as getting a CA ID to secure employment, finding housing, and one-on-one counseling.

We will be accepting donations during the month of May to contribute to St Anthony’s mission as well as coming together to participate in a volunteer project. If you’d like to find out more for yourself, continue on to St. Anthony’s website to get involved.


The Bakery Life: We HEART Valentine’s Day at Flour & Co

We’ve got a few things going on this Valentine’s week, but we couldn’t resist having a little fun making our first “home” movie.  Directed and produced by our very own, Brittany Vock, the video showcases some of our Valentine’s goodies, as well as our own memories.  Warning: this may make you hungry…or sentimental.

However you decide to spend your day, we think that one of the most fun things about Valentine’s Day is sharing treats…maybe with hints of red, pink and hearts.  We’re mushy, what can we say!?  Available through the 16th, our Valentine’s goodies include (we’re taking special orders through Wednesday):

  • heart-shaped triple chocolate brownies
  • sugar cookies with vanilla bean frosting and heart-shape adornment
  • vanilla raspberry bundt cakes
  • homemade Tcho chocolate peanut butter cups.

We’re also rewinding to some good, old-fashioned vday fun and hosting a cookies decorating party on Wednesday night (Feb. 12).  There will be bubbly and snacks, as well as sugar cookies, frosting, and sprinkles for decorating.  We still have a few spots available, so email or call 415-992-7620 to RSVP.  Couples or friends are welcome!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Flour & Co team! Be sweet and have fun!

The Bakery Life: Flour & Co’s 1st Annual Holiday Baking Contest!

Are you wondering why I’m talking about a holiday baking contest in the summer??  I mean, we just unpacked our summer wardrobe a few weeks ago, right?!  San Francisco has a way of creating confusion with regards to seasons.  Everywhere else people are getting into the football season with turtlenecks and hats; watching the leaves change to beautiful yellow, orange and red hues; and relishing in that refreshing chill in the air.  Here, we’re experiencing our usual September summer with some of the hottest days of the year.  And, those of us not experiencing seasonal confusion certainly have a bad case of whiplash.  2013 is flying!

Well, what a better way to ease ourselves into the holidays (if mother nature won’t help) than baking up a storm.  I know — we’re always baking up a storm at Flour & Co, but let me assure you we’ve bumped it up a notch due to the lengthy list of fall and holiday goodies that we’re testing.  Sure enough, our holiday spirit is on the rise.

While we can’t wait to reveal our list of goodies, one thing we love about the holidays is seeing, smelling, and tasting other people’s creations.  The holidays are all about sharing, after all.

Our answer to sharing?  The first annual Flour & Co holiday baking contest!

Here’s the nitty gritty…

We’re looking for a fabulous cake or pie to be featured in our case this holiday season, along side our creations.

Are you a home baker who has a winning pie or cake recipe?  If the answer is yes, get baking.  Contest entries are due October 8, 2013.  Email your original pie or cake recipe, with a photo (optional), and the story behind your creation to  Don’t forget your contact info!

We’ll select our 8 favorite entries by October 10th for a bake-off at Flour & Co on Friday, October 18, at 6pm.  You will have to bake your pie or cake for the bake-off and present it for our judges and participants.

The winner will receive:

  • a $100 gift certificate to Flour & Co
  • a blog featuring you and your dessert posted for the world to see
  • you and your dessert will be featured on our community board
  • your dessert will be featured in our case for the month of November and December, available for sale
  • 10%  of the proceeds from your dessert will go to our deserving Raising Dough charity for each respective month – talk about sharing some holiday spirit!

Pssstt…we’ve got the basic holiday desserts covered.  Your dessert needs to be fit to serve in November and December (seasonally appropriate), but doesn’t have to look or taste like a holiday! 


The Fine Print:

You must be 21 years of age, as well as live in the bay area, to enter the Flour & Co holiday bake-off.  You are not eligible to enter if you are a professional chef or someone who creates recipes for pay.

To enter, email your unpublished, original recipe for a pie or cake, photo and story to by October 10, 2013, at 3pm.  Only entries submitted through email will be accepted. 

Flour & Co may prohibit any individual from participating in the contest or winning a prize if, in its sole discretion, it determines that said individual is attempting to violate these rules or acts in an unsportsmanlike manner at any time.  By submitting your recipe, you accept all contest rules and agree to be bound by the contest decisions, which will be final. You also agree that your recipe becomes the sole property of Flour & Co, and Flour & Co reserves the right to edit, adapt, copyright, publish, transfer and use any or all of them, without compensation.  

Finalists will be chosen from the entries by the Flour & Co owner and employees, on or after October 10, 2013.  8 finalists or fewer will be chosen depending on the number of entries.  Only those chosen as finalists will be notified by email by October 12,, 2013. 

To be a finalist, you must be able to attend the final bake-off on October 18, 2013, at Flour & Co (1030 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109).  You must bake your pie or cake and bring it to the bake-off.  You will present your dessert to the audience and/or judges.  This event will be closed to the public.  The small audience and/or independent judges will choose the winner.  The winner will be announced at the bake-off event.

Raising Dough: Swords to Plowshares

With July half way over (how did that happen??), it’s absolutely time for a post regarding our July Raising Dough organization!

To recap…in June we chose Larkin Street Youth Services as our philanthropic focus.  We collected $63 in our community board piggy bank for Larkin Street and have matched that for a total donation of $126.  Yay!  Thanks for your pennies, nickels, and dollars dropped.  We also had a blast preparing lunch (grilled cheese, tomato soup, and brownies) for the kids at their drop-in center on Sutter at Larkin.  An afternoon well spent for sure.

Our team making lunch at Larkin Street
Our team making lunch at Larkin Street

This month, we are collecting donations for Swords to Plowshares, a non-profit, veteran’s service organization in our neighborhood.  Through their many services, they help break the barrier that veterans can face when transitioning to the civilian world.  A few of their services are related to employment, supportive housing, and health (just to name a few!).  Our community board donation box is ready to accept your loose change for this great cause – and, of course, we’ll match up to $250.

We’re also in the process of planning a group volunteer activity for the end of the month with Swords to Plowshares.  Check our community board for the latest.

With the business side complete, let’s talk goodies.  One word should do it.  Peaches.  Later this week.